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Natalie Lawrence D.C.

Chiropractor Natalie Lawrence

What I've discovered, after 14 years of being a chiropractor is, that, if you want to serve your patients and community at the highest level possible, you cannot learn enough, you cannot know enough and the the best doctors are continually striving to be their abolute best - it is never-ending - and I love it!

Dr. Lawrence was born in Warren, Ohio and the oldest of 3 children. After graduating from Cape Coral High School in SW Florida, Dr. Lawrence proudly served as a radio operator in the United States Marine Corps until 1991. Upon returning to the United States, she attended Edison Community College in Ft. Myers, Florida, then moved to Marietta, Georgia to finish her undergraduate work. She matriculated into the Chiropractic program in 1993 and graduated in 1998 from Life University as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

After graduating, Dr. Lawrence practiced as an associate doctor for a large chiropractic office in Cleveland, Ohio. She returned to Georgia to open her private practice in September 2002 and hasn't looked back! In April 2010, Dr. Lawrence moved into a larger, new building at our present location on Auburn Road in Dacula.

Dr. Lawrence has logged hundreds of hours in post-graduate study of Functional Blood Chemistry Analyisis and Metabolic Testing and Treatment under Dr. Datis Kharrazian D.C. M.S., F.A.A.C.P., D.A.C.B.N., and Dr. David Clark, D.C., D.A.C.B.N among other top doctors. Dr. Lawrence is currently enrolled in the Diplomate Program for Chiropractic Neurology with the Carrick Institure for Graduate Sudies. She additionally is pursuing a Diplomate in Clinical Nutruition through Functional Medicine University.

Post-Graduate Work

  • Post-doctoral Mastering the Thyroid certification and inclusion as a referral doctor for
  • Functional Blood Chemistry
  • Brain and Neurotransmitters
  • Certificate 150-hr Neurochemistry
  • Female Hormone Balancing for Cycling Women
  • Female Hormone Balancing for Menopausal Women
  • Male Hormones and Andropause
  • Studied Functional Neurology under Dr. Michael L. Johnson D.C., D.A.C.N.B and author of the book "What do you do when the medications don't work?"
  • Nutrition Response Testing
  • Certified, Active Release Therapy, Spine
  • Certified, Active Release Therapy, Upper Extremity
  • Cox Flexion/Distraction
  • Extremity Adjusting

Professional Affiliations

  • Member of Georgia Chiropractic Association
  • Member of Life-Changing Care
  • Referral Doctor for
  • Member of the American Functional Neurology Institute

Dr. Lawrence continues to serve as an example to her patients by living a healthy lifestyle which includes following a strict workout schedule of weight-lifting and cardiovascular work, taking supplements faithfully, being tested regularly, following a strict gluten-free diet and getting neurologically adjusted. As someone who enjoys cooking, she can always provide some great ideas to make the transition to a healthy lifestyle less daunting.

Dr. Lawrence is a big believer in education because knowledge is power. Her goal is to educate patients and members of the community that there are healthy, alternative, EFFECTIVE approaches to managing chronic conditions. Just ask some of our patients!

Misty Bellew, Receptionist

Chiropractic Dacula GA MistyMisty was born and raised here in Georgia. She was a cheerleader for the University of Memphis and graduated with a Business Administration degree. She has one fur baby, Scrappy, who is spoiled rotten. She loves the outdoors, spending time with family, and her boyfriend Joe.




Working as the receptionist for Dr. Lawrence is a complete joy. I love witnessing the amazing changes her patients go through. She is so devoted to her patients and I admire the work that she does!

Sherri Feth, Therapy Assistant

Chiropractic Dacula GA SherriSherri has lived in Georgia since 2008 and had moved here from Florida with her family.  She has been married to her husband, Norbert for over 23 years and they have one daughter, Ambria.  In 2010, Sherri came in the office as a patient and started her health journey and has since been dedicated to the  vision of Dr. Lawrence and the incredible protocols used in the office.  Now, Sherri is a part of our team and assisting patients with their therapy and continuing to encourage them along their journey.


I’m so grateful for the opportunity to continue learning from Dr. Lawrence which helps me stay even more committed to my health and allows me to connect with so many patients and give them the support they need along their wellness journey as well!”

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“At 43, I feel better now then I did when I was 20 years old! The energy, the focus…I am just vibrant and I feel on top of the world. Thanks Dr. Lawrence!”*

- Sherri

“I am a healthcare professional myself and I got totally frustrated with the fact I could not shed any of the weight that I had gained. I started working with Dr. Lawrence at the beginning of August and I've lost almost 40 pounds. My energy levels are way up. I can't say how much I've enjoyed working with her and the results I've gotten, I've been absolutely delighted with."*

- Ann

"I saw was the half page ad for the Diabetes dinner. I saw it was appointment only and thought they weren't going to have any room, but I called anyway and got in. It was an answer to my prayer. Especially after the first week and my sugar started going down and each week it kept going down. I had a visit with my doctor and my blood sugar was 88 and my A1C was 5.8 which was down from 9.6."*

- Daverda



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