Functional Wellness & Nutrition uses new research that for the first time allows care plans for the underlying causes of disease, instead of managing or masking the symptoms as conventional medicine does.



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FUNCTIONAL WELLNESS & NUTRITION is the future of Health Care. It seeks to identify and address the root causes of disease, and views the body as one integrated system, not a collection of independent organs divided up by medical specialties. Everything is interwoven and interconnected.

It’s more important to understand the imbalances in your body’s basic systems and restore balance, rather than name the disease and match the pill to the ill.

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Dr. Natalie Lawrence
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Using our Neuro-Metabolic approach, we have been able to help patients suffering from a wide variety of conditions like

• Hypothyroid/Hashimoto's/Graves Disease
• Peripheral Neuropathy, Type 2 Diabetes
• Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrom
• Female Hormone Imbalance/PMS/PCOS/Endometriosis/Menopausal Symptoms
• Male Hormone Imbalance/Andropause
• Back and Neck Pain/Sciatica/Stenosis
• Balance Problems and Vertigo

using Functional Wellness and Nutrition and Functional Neurology principles

Fastest growing field in the Health Care Profession

Functional Wellness & Nutrition uses new research that for the first time allows care methods for the underlying causes of disease, instead of managing or masking the symptoms as conventional medicine does, never addressing the actual cause.

It’s the fastest growing field in the Health Care Profession.

Functional Wellness & Nutrition will repair our broken healthcare system. It’s a fundamental change in our thinking, a whole different paradigm, like the world-is-round-not-flat shift. It changes our approach.

Functional Wellness & Nutrition promises to be what most doctors will be practicing in 40 to 50 years.

Unlike conventional medicine, our programs are very personalized based on the patient’s unique individual biological needs. NO two people are alike, so why would the get the same care. We are all different, and our bodies react to conditions in different ways. The name of a disease matters less as we understand the cause. For example, heart attacks may be caused by too much insulin (metabolic syndrome), mercury toxicity, a deficiency of folic acid, a genetic cholesterol disorder, or even problems within the nervous system. Our programs are matched to the cause, not the disease.

Functional Wellness & Nutrition uses the science of health to create and maintain health. It applies the technologies we have, the clinical innovations, and includes the one element that has been missing—an understanding of the root cause of disease, addressing those causes, and getting on the path back to health.

Conventional medicine creates specialties such as the cardiologist, rheumatologist, neurologist, endocrinologist, and more, who independently treat each of the body’s systems.

Functional Wellness & Nutrition recognizes that our bodies are made up of a complex interconnected web of biological systems and processes that need to be addressed simultaneously as a whole. It’s not bad luck that one person has multiple “diseases” like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure or asthma, ADHD, irritable bowel syndrome and migraines. They are all related. In conventional medicine, when we treat the part and not the system, we can’t effectively prevent, treat or reverse chronic illness.

For the first time ever, practitioners can focus on the core underlying biological processes that determine whether we are healthy or sick. At Integrative Healthcare of Atlanta, we call this the Neuro Metabolic Approach. This approach is based on the evaluation of several factors or processes. These processes account for more than 90 percent of our illnesses and disease.

“Health is not the absence of disease, but when the body is Healing and Functioning at 100 percent.”

Dr. Lawrence will work with you to find the root cause of your health challenge. We use a variety of diagnostics to uncover as much information as we can. Then we will then review that information with you and make a customized plan that makes sense for you.

The best way to learn more about what we do is to come into the office and meet with Dr. Lawrence. We will spend the time necessary to create a plan that will work for you.

The doctor offers a limited number of complimentary consults every week for qualified patients. Fill out one of the forms on our website or call us directly - we will get a time scheduled for you as soon as possible. Get ready to make the changes necessary that make sense for you and get you seeing results!

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Based on an extensive history, questionnaires, lab testing results/interpretation and examination, we can tailor your program to your unique biology and biochemistry. No two people have the exact same biology and chemistry so why would any two individuals have the same program? This is where functional wellness & nutrition differs from conventional medicine. Functional wellness & nutrition implements testing above and beyond what standard blood tests offer. These advanced tests helps us understand your unique physiology.

Functional wellness & nutrition is an excellent tool for helping the chronic and very sick patient that other doctors and Health care practitioners have been unsuccessful at treating. It is also far superior from a preventative standpoint for those seeking optimal health.

Examples of chronic Health conditions Helped with Functional Wellness & Nutrition and our NeuroMetabolic Approach would be fibromyalgia, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, sleeping disorders, Neuropathy, Type II Diabetes, Restless Leg syndrome, autoimmune conditions such as thyroid problems (Hashimoto’s disease and Graves) IBS, Memory loss, high blood pressure high cholesterol/triglycerides and children with developmental, cognitive problems.

Who wouldn't want more vitality or energy, better sleep, improved memory, better sex or lowered risk to heart attack?

The Pillars of Health are Dependent upon:

  1. Proper Neurological function (Brain Body Connection)
  2. Environmental factors (toxins)
  3. Nutritional imbalances (poor diet, food intolerances and food sensitivities)
  4. Hormonal imbalances (too much insulin, low blood sugar, a low thyroid or adrenal exhaustion, male and female
    sex hormone imbalances)
  5. Inflammation/Hidden Infection – Parasite, Mold, Yeast, Virus, Bacteria
  6. Impaired metabolism (any breakdown in the way our bodies make and runs the energy pathways)
  7. Oxidative stress (the “rusting,” broadly speaking, of our own tissues)
  8. Impaired detoxification

Functional Wellness & Nutrition is a science-based, healthcare approach that addresses underlying causes of illness through individually tailored therapies to restore health and improve function.

The functional wellness & nutrition approach can help find a solution to problems that other doctors either cannot figure out, or are simply prescribing medications to treat the symptoms.

Because HMO’s and managed care are dictating the tests that are ordered and covered by your insurance are often not considered medically necessary. We go beyond these restrictions. The blood work that comes back to us from other doctors is often a watered down version compared to years past. The U.S. is now considered to have a lower life expectancy compared to 41 other countries (AP/Arizona Daily Star) as other countries are improving health, lifestyle and nutrition. Functional Wellness & Nutrition allows you to even the playing field as the pharmaceutical drug approach, one-size-fits-all, will never allow you to reach your potential. You have been programmed to believe that health is found in a drug because they spend billions in T.V., magazine and newspaper ads.

"My doctor said there was nothing wrong with me and my blood work was “normal”. Why am I still having symptoms and feeling terrible?"

The ‘ranges’ that are considered normal on your lab work are no longer optimal ranges. That’s right. The laboratories take averages and form these so called “normal ranges”, but the ranges are widening as our society becomes sicker.

Processed foods with additives and preservatives, stress, lack of minerals in farmland soil, sedentary lifestyles, pollution, water quality and chemical exposure all contributes to ill health. This coupled with incomplete lab testing and over-worked doctors are the reason you are still sick.

Where do you get your nutritional and supplementation information from? The local drug store or local Health Food Store Sales clerk? From the T.V.?

Are you following the latest vitamin craze in your favorite magazine?

Did your relative or coworker give you a copy of the supplement protocol “THEIR” doctor gave them to help lower “THEIR” high blood pressure?

Are you taking supplements from your friend who just started selling vitamins to make some extra money?

“This is an insane way of trying to “fix” yourself.

What works for a friend or loved one does NOT mean it will work for you. You are two different people. Let me tell you exactly what you need to feel better AND I won’t guess.

At Integrative Healthcare of Atlanta, we only use scientifically backed methods for producing a ‘Scientific Supplementation’ protocol based on your lab work.

We will use a combination of blood, saliva, urine and stool chemistry analysis as well as functional lab ranges to assess your current state of health.

We use clinically proven methods of analyzing your blood work, Saliva, Hormones, Immune Function, Food sensitivities, and Digestive Function for patterns of dysfunction.

Then, a specific nutritional protocol is determined from this analysis. Unlike many “holistic practitioners” we don’t guess about your health, we test.

We don’t say here take this and try it, we test you, find out exactly what’s wrong, and retest you.

Our program is tailored to your needs by using your blood work, and advanced 21st century biomedical testing.

Each person has a unique biochemistry, there is no one size fits all. By interpreting your tests with special methods, it is possible to help chronic conditions that conventional medicine fails too.

Who wouldn’t want more energy and vitality, better sleep, better sex drive, lowered cholesterol, weight loss, and so much more?

This work and the nutritional protocols we use are backed by the latest research.

There are hundreds of scientific studies done every year that continually provide us with the knowledge to make the best choices for you. We want to get you better…faster.

This is the most comprehensive, scientific, and objective way to give your body what it needs with laser-like accuracy. Imagine knowing exactly what you need in order to sleep well, decrease pain and inflammation naturally, restore your energy, correct metabolic imbalances and get you back to the things you love most.

Most blood work ordered today is limited to a very basic number of tests because of insurance restrictions. We go beyond these limitations by ordering comprehensive studies and matching those findings with your history, questionnaires and neurologic exam findings to determine the best course of action. Once you’ve been following the prescribed care for a period of time, follow-up tests are performed to assess your progress.

Here’s the Reason:

You can fall within the reference range of “Laboratory Normal” and still be unhealthy!

We use functional ranges (not just the laboratory ranges) to understand if your health is moving in an unhealthy direction and progression towards Disease.

Every year labs update their “normal” ranges based on the population they’ve tested. What part of the population goes and has their blood drawn? Healthy people or sick people? If you said sick people you’d be right! These averages from blood draw centers are based on sick people, not healthy individuals. As the population gets less healthy, the lab ranges become broader and broader. What was considered normal in the 1970’s was much different from what is considered normal now.

By looking beyond overt pathology and analyzing the delicate interplay of systems and measurements we can gain a deeper understanding of your health. It is then possible to use cutting-edge nutritional protocols to reverse the loss and restore vibrant health.

By combining functional wellness & nutrition with Brain-Based (Functional Neurology) Therapy we’ve helped thousands of patients suffering from chronic degenerative conditions.

People that were rejected by the “system” or unsatisfied with their treatment options, and left to fend for themselves. Now you have options, there is hope!