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Disclaimer - The results described on this site are based on data that has been collected in short & intermediate term treatment. Your individual results are not guaranteed and may vary.

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ShannonShannon has had incredible results in overcoming Hashimoto's!
WandaWanda talks about how she gained relief from 30 years of menstrual cramps and insomnia.
Patient TestimonialEnergy through the roof!
90 day update from Wendy!Don't settle for fatigue and low mood or anxiety in your life! If your doc isn't moving you forward and not on board to dig deep to find the causes of your problems, take some action! Find someone that is willing to do what's necessary to get you back on track. We have very limited complimentary consults available for people willing to dig in and get better. Call 770 237 5534 to see if you qualify for one of our limited spots today!
Patient TestimonialUlcerative Colitis success!
Patient TestimonialListen to this great patient testimonial!
Patient TestimonialNo more acid reflux! I dropped 15 pounds! Much more energy. Sleeping so much better at night!
LisaLisa suffered with memory loss and an inability to think a problem through in steps. Her mood was anxious and she felt that she was hard to be around. Listen in as she describes her complete turnaround! Back on track!
SuzanneGreat improvements in less then 30 days! Sleeping like a baby, great energy, bp normalizing and pain in the legs is gone!
Jill K.Jill shares her experience with our health recovery program where she lost 30 pounds, gained a ton of energy and resolved a pesky skin rash!
Charity C.Heart Palp GI Weight. Another great patient testimonial! Listen in as Charity describes the truly life-changing experience she has had as a patient in our office: Greatly reduced heart palpitations, much improved gastrointestinal problems, and a weight loss of 20+ pounds on our health recovery program! Additionally, no more anxious feelings!
Sherri"Before my treatment, I had no energy, I was very depressed, I was very irritable, and angry. I was very frustrated about not feeling well. Through your program and through you diagnosing things and setting me on the right plan of action, the results have been incredible! I’m so pleased and I’m so happy to let everyone know. At 43, I feel better now then I did when I was 20 years old! The energy, the focus…I am just vibrant and I feel on top of the world. Thanks Dr. Lawrence!" (Sherry has also lost 40 pounds, bought a bikini, and her wedding dress from 16 years ago is too big!)
SherriThis is Sherri's 1st video update. 6 weeks into care and already seeing improvements!
MaryMary suffered with severe fatigue and has been diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. After 2 months on our program, she feels energized and her mood has stabilized. The severe fatigue is a thing of the past and she feels fantastic!
KatieExtreme fatigue and night sweats resolved!
GailHeartburn and GI symptoms resolved!!! Check out Gail’s video to hear about her amazing results.
GeorgeGeorge came to our office with chronic lower back pain and is PAIN FREE after the combination of spinal decompression treatment WITH Brain Based Therapies! Find out if you qualify for a complimentary consultation for this new therapy by contacting us at (770) 237-5534. You could be our next success story!
ScottThis is a follow up almost one year post treatment – Scott suffered with chronic lower back pain for many years, but today is doing GREAT! Find out if you are a candidate for this type of treatment by calling our office at (770) 237-5534. YOU could be our next success story!
SoniaAfter suffering for years with stomach pain, acid reflux and indigestion, she finally gets the proper diagnosis – celiac. Now with the proper information, we have tailored her treatment plan to fit her new dietary needs. Listen to the great testimonial and hear about the huge improvements she has had in her overall health – AMAZING!
TwylaTwyla avoided surgery for spinal stenosis and is feeling great after her spinal decompression protocol! It works! If you have been told that you need back surgery, you should see if you are a candidate for this type of treatment first! Call our office at (770) 237-5534. We hope to hear from you soon!
LaRonLaRon is a competitive, long distance runner who was suffering with lower back pain that was keeping her from improving her times. With chiropractic care, brain-based therapies and Active Release Therapy, she just ran a 5K and reduced her time from 28 minutes to 26 minutes and 19 seconds!
PamFatigue, brain fog, all over body pain and hypothyroid disease. Now after our Metabolic/Neurologic protocols, Pam is 35 pounds lighter, has abundant energy is thinking clearly and her pain is dramatically decreased! Aren’t you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
PamSecond update on Pam's progress with her thyroid condition, fatigue and memory issues. An important side effect of getting healthy, 40 pounds gone!
MackMr. Mack suffered with extreme arm pain. He shares his success with our Spinal Decompression Protocol.
MoeMoe suffered with excruciating neck and arm pain but is now pain free after treatment with our Spinal Decompression Protocol and Brain-Balancing Therapies!
RubyRuby suffered with debilitating shoulder and hip pain for 4 months in spite of physical therapy after an auto accident. She also had a great sensitivity to fluorescent light. Check out Ruby's video and hear about her great results after only 3 visits!!
AnnAnn is a local naturopathic doctor and knows firsthand how hard it can be to take care of you! She was suffering with pain, fatigue, sweats and difficulty losing weight. She also was in the initial stages of diabetes when she came to our office in July of 2011. Listen in as she recounts the many health improvements she has seen since beginning our Metabolic/Neurologic treatment. As a side note, she has lost around 40 pounds since the summer and her blood pressure, which was dangerously high the 1st day in the office at 173/87, is now well within normal limits!
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“At 43, I feel better now then I did when I was 20 years old! The energy, the focus…I am just vibrant and I feel on top of the world. Thanks Dr. Lawrence!”*

- Sherri

“I am a healthcare professional myself and I got totally frustrated with the fact I could not shed any of the weight that I had gained. I started working with Dr. Lawrence at the beginning of August and I've lost almost 40 pounds. My energy levels are way up. I can't say how much I've enjoyed working with her and the results I've gotten, I've been absolutely delighted with."*

- Ann

"I saw was the half page ad for the Diabetes dinner. I saw it was appointment only and thought they weren't going to have any room, but I called anyway and got in. It was an answer to my prayer. Especially after the first week and my sugar started going down and each week it kept going down. I had a visit with my doctor and my blood sugar was 88 and my A1C was 5.8 which was down from 9.6."*

- Daverda



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*Disclaimer - The results described on this site are based on data that has been collected in short & intermediate term treatment. Your individual results are not guaranteed and may vary.